Specialist manufacturers of microelectronic components for optoelectronic, semiconductor, hybrid and microwave applications, specialising in metallised ceramics and metal components and assemblies


LEW Techniques will be attending the LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS, on June 26-29 2017 at Messe Munchen, to showcase its capabilities in precision submounts and carriers for laser diodes, laser bars, laser stacks and photodiodes.

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  • Photodiode mounts and carriers
  • Thin film coating
  • Thin film microcircuit
  • Photodiode mounts and carriers
  • Miniature laser diode heatsink
  • Thick film microcircuit
  • Thick film microcircuit
  • Thick film microcircuit

Precision in miniature

LEW Techniques specialises in the manufacture of miniature components for the mounting of semiconductor devices. Our in-house capabilities include thin film, thick film and refractory metallising of ceramics and metals, electroplating, precision dicing, laser machining and marking, atmosphere/vacuum brazing and solder assembly.

Unrivalled reliability

To ensure end user compatibility, comprehensive in-house testing includes eutectic die bonding, Au wire bonding, shear strength, peel strength, coating thickness and surface finish measurement, heat testing and He leak detection.


Working closely with our customers’ product development teams we are able to help develop extremely technical, high-quality, cost-effective products, bringing them quickly to market, regardless of their location.