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L.E.W. Techniques
Manufacturing microelectronic components offering solutions for optoelectronic, semiconductor, hybrid and microwave applications
Products shown on this site
Laser diode submounts
Photodiode submounts
Ceramic submounts
Chip mounts
Precision heatsinks
Ceramic jumpers
Component carrier assemblies
Front-end opto-package builds
Hermetic windows
CCD packages
Microwave diode packages
Microelectronic packaging
Glazed assemblies


Brazing, soldering, epoxy joining
Component and package assembly
Micro dicing and machining
Electroless plating
Design Advice - performance, yield
and cost
Contract manufacturing and assembly
Development and quick-turn solutions
Small quantities to volume production
Component and package reclaim
Modification of existing packages
Package build and construction
Sub carrier construction
In package build and installation

Components we have supplied:
Thick film substrates and blocks
including thru-hole, (through-hole),
wraparound, via fill and multi-layers
(conductor and dielectric)
Thin film metallisation
Laser diode mounts
Photodiode mounts
Chip mounts
Back facet monitor blocks
Bonding blocks
Angled blocks
Jumpers, jumper blocks
Wire bond standoffs
Pre-soldered blocks and mounts
Mounting blocks with solder pads
Cooler spacers
Ceramic spacers
Ceramic wedges
Back lockers
Front lockers
Package construction
Front end opto package builds
(installation of selfocs,
thermo-electric coolers,
jumpers etc)
Chip on carrier
Chip on board
Fibre alignment components
Fibre tubes
Hypo tubes
Fibre ferrules
Fibre clamps
Lens holders
Lens carriers
Device lenses
Miniature lens grinding
Package ring frames
Package window lids
Hybrid ceramic substrate circuits
Charged coupled device packages
Sapphire windows
Diced glass shims
Special solder pre-forms
Assemblies using TO style headers
and cans such as TO46, TO18
and TO5
Soldered assemblies
Brazed assemblies
Reclaimed packages
Laser heatsinks
Laser array heatsinks
Diode array heatsinks
Specialist Manufacturer Of Metallized Ceramics and Metal Components and Assemblies
ISO9001 - SGS
Certificate number: GB03/59710
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